Online Dating Activities

Online Dating Activities: Get to Know Each Other
When you first meet someone special online, your dating life is narrowed to online dating activities. So how do you fan the flames of romance while waiting for the perfect moment to meet each other in the real world? Luckily, there are some things you can do to grow the intimacy in your relationship. The following online dating activities can prepare each of you for that eventual first date without all the pressure of “real life” dating.

Fun and Serious Online Dating Activities
* Share photos and videos of yourself on a regular basis. An informal video journal is a great idea for letting your love interest get to know you. If this is not an option, why not purchase an inexpensive webcam? Let your online date see your expressions as you type or talk.

* Share your interests. Send each other links to favorite web sites and have long discussions about your hobbies, ambitions and causes. Knowing what drives a person and how they respond to it is one of the best ways of getting to know them.

* Ask one question a day of each other and be ready to answer it the next time you talk. You can set guidelines as to which questions are off limits and when it is appropriate to get more personal.

* Once you have become well acquainted with that special someone, exchange telephone numbers and speak on the phone a few times before arranging to meet. Voice tone, cadence, expressions and pauses can tell you a lot about someone.

* Send gifts once you know your date well enough to ask for an address. This only applies when your date is far enough away that they will not just “show up” — keep it safe.

* Discuss personal values before meeting face-to-face. For example, if he or she prefers to remain childless and you want a child of your own, the match is not perfect and you will have a lot of considering to do before you take things further. Make sure you share the same religious beliefs and that if you do not have similar political opinions, you are able to agree to disagree.

* Meet at online game sites and play games together. Having fun together is a great online dating activity and those who laugh together tend to be closer than those who take life more seriously. Games are also a good way to see how each of you reacts to wins and losses.

* Get involved with online groups and forums. You can see how each of you relates to others — another important factor in intimacy. As an added bonus, both of you may make some new friends!

Online dating activities may be limited, but with some creativity and conversation, you can get to know someone well enough to know if meeting with them is a good idea. Take it slow and you will be amazed at how much you know about your special someone even before you have met him or her face-to-face. There is a lot you can learn about each other in the course of online date activities.

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